Breaking Bread Together

A unleavened bread
“Can you make unleavened bread for us?”  The local baker down the street in a small Mexican rancho assured us he could. “What size and shape do you want?”

In Spanish, the word for Easter is Pascua and it is also the word for the Passover and our small Mexican bible study on the Passover explained how God set out the conditions for the first Passover when the angel of death passed over the homes of the Israelites who sacrificed and put blood on the door frames of their homes in Egypt. God called his people to celebrate the feast of unleavened bread as a lasting in recognition of his saving of his people from the plague of the death of the firstborn. last supper

After reading the Exodus story, we read from Matthew, the story of Jesus celebrating the Passover with his disciples. Jesus was the sacrifice saving those who came to Him and forgiving sin.

The following day, the baker and his family arrived carrying a round and an oval loaf of unleavened bread joined all of us who had been part of any bible study in Alberto’s home. In all there were (20 adults + plus children). The local pastor Armando led prayer.


We celebrated a meal where we broke unleavened bread and drank juice in a fellowship much like the new believers in the 2nd chapter of Acts in verses 42-47 and feasted with joy and sincere hearts. Together had come people from different faiths, cultures and countries but we were one in the Lord’s presence and His family.

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