Doing things Right

A3 wed“I want to do things right before God,” explained Jorge.

Doing things right before God for Jorge meant getting married. Jorge and Amalia lived together for fourteen years and together raised Amalia’s three kids. For some time he wanted to marry Amalia and on January 17th, they were married in the presence of their children, grandchildren, a sister and Jorge’s mother and Los Tios Lloyd and Barbara from Canada. Although the service was a civil one, there were three pastors present.

A4 dress

What excitement to be part of picking up a dress, buying shoes, getting to the Red Cross for the required blood tests etc! On the wedding day, when a bit of panic occurred because we as Canadians could not be witness for the signing of documents, both were anxious but knew God was in control. When a truckload of guests arrived, Jorge took the identification cards from his sister, son, and daughter, ran across the park and made copies and then one hour later than planned, the two very emotional and happy people became husband and wife.

A1 kiss

A2 meal

After the service, family , church friends all gather for a delicious meal at Pollo Gordo (Fat Chicken) restaurant for  all the chicken, rice, beans, onions nopales  (a cactus) and tortillas we could eat.

Making things right with God involves setting an example for children and grandchildren but also is a source of great joy.

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