A key Christmas tradition in Mexico is La Posada, which re-enacts the search for shelter by Joseph and Mary before the birth of Jesus. A posada has also come to mean  a party to which children are invited in large numbers.

  y1 aud              A posada involves games, piñatas, music, children running and shouting and having a lot of fun and a bag of candy to take home when the posada is finished. Each child when he arrived at the posada in El Saucillo on Sunday afternoon, received a heart shaped bead on a cord to remember that they were loved by God and the music for musical chairs and background for all of the activity was Christian choruses for children.

y3 girl

Children lined up to have a chance at the piñata and cheered others on saying “Dale, dale, dale (hit it, hit it, hit it!) Some kids obviously had previous experience and some the strongest hits came from three and four year olds. One of those four year olds broke one of two broomsticks that were shattered while battering piñatas.

y2 cindiOne young teen who watched came to Lloyd and said. “I’m Cindy. You gave my father a ride to a church service in Canada.  The girls who won the games received stuffed animals and the boys had two cars to put in their pocket.  Paper wrappers from candy and the green, pink and blue decorations on the piñatas were everywhere. Surprisingly all the paper was collected and in garbage cans before the last child left.  The hospitality that Mary and Joseph sought when Jesus was born was extended in this posada by two families and their pastor. The host families (Alberto and Roberto of IdBS) wanted Christians to be more visible and seen positively.  The goal was a huge success.

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