Give a Smile

Everyone loves to see a smile and even more if you are part of the reason for the smile.

New Arising Church in London, Ontario has a project to bring a smile to people who don’t often have a smile. During the month of December 2014, their choice was to bring smiles to over 100 children in El Saucillo, Jalisco Mexico.

x3 shopPastor Andres Bonilla and a member Jankson first met the children in El Saucillo while visiting there on mission in February of 2104.  They, with pastors Barbara and Lloyd Peterson, spent ten days in El Saucillo where the needs of the children became obvious and personal. Three El Saucillo families, the only Christians believers in the small town of 400, determined the best ways to use the resources sent by London to bring out the smiles.

x2 pack

The first event was a posada or party for all the children with piñatas and candy bags for every child. It was exciting to see three women shop for the candies which we later bagged for the children and used in piñatas.   Imagine the fun in handing out the candies to over 110 children in a period of ten minutes or less. More about the party in another blog.

The second event was the distribution of toys and food to 18 of the poorest families in the community.x1 pin

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