Showing Hospitality

Some people say hospitality is a lost art. So far, my experience in both Mexico and the Dominican Republic is that hospitality is alive and well.

BS peopleAlberto Ramirez and his wife Flor have welcomed us to their home in El Saucillo and again now. They also open their home for the bible studies and craft classes and kids events that take place while we visit in their community.

Sweet breadsCoffee and Mexican sweet bread are always available and the table is pulled out often so that Roberto’s family and others can join for soup, beans, rice or eggs.  A fire is started each morning to provide hot water for a shower but the second fire is a special spot for me. In a small and simple addition, Flor makes tortillas form the corn she took to the mill and had made into corn masa or dough.  First, she forms a small ball of dough then presses it and puts in on the grill over the fire. Until my fingers get so hot I can’t touch the tortillas any more, my job is to flip then or remove them from the grill.    On the table beside the huge bowl of masa is a knife and cheese, so anyone who steps in the small space can cut a piece of cheese and wrap the hot tortillas round it. It both tastes and smells wonderful.

Armandos wife tortillas CLASSIC

Alberto brings in the wood for the fires, takes us into town in his car and fills his warm tortillas with beans. He walks us up the hill to his mother’s place where we have to have a coffee or tortillas from their fire pit. His mother always expresses her gratitude that her son finds hospitality and fellowship in the Spanish church in Canada while he is here for 5 – 6 months.

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