Come to my house

Are you visiting Mexico this year? Please stay with us.

Bible Study CanRoberto and Alberto are both part of a Spanish language ministry based in Sarnia, Ontario. They come from the small community of El Saucillo to work at a greenhouse in Ontario. While in Sarnia, they are part of a bible study which meets weekly and they also attend a service each Sunday afternoon. There is a lot of fellowship around the table at a shared meal after service. They and others in Spanish service want their families to know about us.

tortillas inflating

So, yes, my husband and I stayed with them and enjoyed wonderful hospitality, special meals like pozole and tamales. But we really enjoyed standing by the fire as Alberto’s wife, Flor, cooked the tortillas she prepared from the corn they grew, took to the mill and then pressed and cooked them on the comal or grill.  Why stand beside the leña wood fire while tortillas are being prepared. Because tortillas they taste the best right from the grill.

Mex bible studyThe other special memory from El Saucillo is the gathering after 8 in the evening around the table. Everyone had a Bible, we sang a couple of choruses and then taught the two families how to do Bible study so they could continue learning when we came went back to Canada.  By the end of the week, Alberto, Flor and Roberto each led a study.  Studies ended as most good fellowship does with coffee and Mexican sweet bread from the bakery just down the street.

Will we visit again? Do I want another tortilla from the grill? Do I want to see the village and people again? Yes, I want to see how much Flor, has grown spiritually.

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