On the Road Again

Tillsonburg Drop-in-Centre

Being a missionary on the global or international level means lots of travelling. However travel takes place here as well as in Mexico or the Dominican Republic. In 2014, travel for ministry meant a trip to Sault Ste Marie to help a team plan, several trips to Tillsonburg to a hospitality centre for Mexican migrant workers, and a trip to Burford so our Spanish language congregation could minister to another group of migrant workers and a trip to Maple Grove family Camp.


Since stepping into a different focus in ministry in December, travel has included trips to Wyoming and Petrolia to assist in finalizing the sale of a house, a trip to London for a Network meeting and mentoring and praying with a Hispanic pastor, a trip to Toronto airport with someone flying to Columbia and purchasing Spanish materials in Ohio re debt counselling and prayer.

travellingSoon we will travel to Mexico to attend the wedding of someone who has been in my congregation and to visit several others. Part of that travel is the overnight bus trip of 8 hours – everyone brings a pillow. Once we return we will spend almost a month in the Dominican Republic with team members from two Ontario churches. One of the unique opportunities during this month is being with a couple who is considering long term ministry in the Dominican and providing orientation and mentoring for them.

If your church is in Southern Ontario and is interested in having a mission speaker (sermon or presentation), we will travel to be with you.

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