Getting Bibles to Hispanics

Getting Bibles to Hispanics

Being involved in Spanish language ministry has given my husband Lloyd and I several opportunities to meet very special people who also serve the Lord.  Gord and Ruth Park of Corunna are two of those people.

Every year, they travel to Texas and the Mexican border carrying beans, rice and tracts and Spanish language bibles.   zzzzz Flor and Feve BiblesWith their help over the past two years ago, we were able to get bibles to several pastors in Mexico in the states of Jalisco, Chihuahua, Durango, and Tlaxcala – 500 bibles in total one year. Five hundred bibles is a small part of the number of bibles that get to Mexico each year as a result of the couples’ ministry. As they travel, they find people rich and poor, old and young, speaking different language who need to know God’s word.  To be able to tell the true Christmas story through the giving out of Bibles has been a distinct privilege for them. Gord states that without the Christ Child as the center of Christmas, it is nothing but meaningless frivolity.

Boy bibles

Gord and Ruth are amazed at how God has opened doors to central Mexico and how He has established bilingual contacts in Mexico who facilitate the distribution of the bibles. He has been able to give Bibles to firemen. The Spanish language congregation at New Horizons has contributed to the Bibles for Mexico ministry and was blessed by having the Parks and their contact with us in services.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word  was with God, and the Word was God. 1 John 1:1.

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