Abre mis Ojos – Open My Eyes

B44a singingAbre mis ojos translates open my eyes, thee first line in Spanish of the chorus Open The Eyes of my Heart, Lord. In the Dominican Republic, you will hear it sing in both languages as they have learned it to sing along with Canadians who come. At a Sarnia church mission team meeting, you will hear it sung in Spanish. Team members will learn to sing six or seven choruses in Spanish.

B23 food family

As people prepare to go on a mission team to the Dominican Republic, their eyes will be opened many times and by many things. Last week, new teams members sat on the floor to see a power point presentation about the Navas Free Methodist church and Pastor Gabriel. They saw some of the lush surroundings near the North coast of the island and they saw the very humble homes of some of the church family’s neediest people. They learned that a team is often the bearer of good news in the form of a week’s supply of food for a family. Wherever a care package is delivered, the good news is also heard as team members share a bit of testimony about God working in their lives.  Preparing a testimony is part of the preparation for the team.

C22c dance           Eyes will be opened to a different culture and to a people who place God first, others second and themselves last. They will see children who lead worship, who use drama and dance to praise God.

They will see people play a guida – a musical instrument of metal formed like a tube and punched will holes. The instrument is played with a pronged fork like instrument

When a team member actually arrives in the Dominican, their eyes will be opened by many things that are different such as the roads, the traffic, the beautiful scenery, the colourful houses and the friendliness of the Dominican people.

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