Passing the Torch

Guest Writer Vicki Vallee 

Vancouver 2010 Torch
Vancouver 2010 Torch Relay

What image comes to mind when you hear the phrase “passing the torch?”

The first thought in my mind is of the olympic torch. I remember a cold day when the olympic torch came through Sarnia, my home town on the way to Vancouver.

the new leadership team
the new leadership team

But let me paint another picture for you.  A passionate and caring volunteer who has worked in the area of Spanish language ministry for 30 years. Barb Peterson has been the minister of Iglesia del Buen Samaritano, a Spanish congregation that is a part of New Horizons Community Church. Barb is passing the torch or leadership over to Benito Rivera, Nefi and Rocio Guerra.

Barb Peterson
Barb Peterson

I chose the idea of passing the torch instead of retirement for a reason. Barb was high school teacher and she retired from that position and is no longer involved in high school education. Retirement, I think, would not be fitting  way of describing Barb’s stepping away from leadership of the Spanish service. Yes, she will no longer be the minister or leader of Iglesia del Buen Samaritano. But  she gladly remains a member of the congregation. Barb will no doubt participate in services and willingly assist Nefi , Rocio and Benito.

For more information about  Iglesia del Buen Samaritano join us for services on Sundays at 4 pm or visit the New Horizons Community Church website:

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