Unexpected Blessings

Unexpected Blessing

                “There’s a message on the answering machine. Someone from the hospital is trying to get in touch with a patient in Intensive Care.”

When I finally tracked down the details of the message, I visited Sonia and her husband who was the patient. When her Soniahusband passed away five days later, Sonia came home to our house for a couple of days and stayed for six weeks until she was able to get into an apartment. We held a memorial service in the Spanish language congregation at our church.  One of the highlights was Sonia singing, Soy Misionero (I am a missionary) a favourite of her husband and so appropriate for the ministry they had as a couple In Mexico. Sonia was blessed because the last guests in her previous home were members of a Spanish congregation and cell group.

Sonia is originally from Columbia but came to Canada when quite young and has lived this area for twenty years. She and her husband have been involved in mission work in Mexico and Ecuador for 12 years building churches and evangelizing. There is significant persecution of Christian in the area in Mexico where Sonia and Marcelo have been working.

                Each evening Sonia, Lloyd and I sing choruses or hymns, in Spanish of course, read a short scripture passage, recite from memory the prayer of Jabes in I Chronicles 4:10 and then pray. Sonia has blessed us through her example of faith and constant trusting in God. We have been hosting an angel unawares. Since Sonia has moved to her apartment we prayed and read our selected verse over the phone each evening at nine p.m. Sonia has also blessed many others singing in both English and Spanish services and participating in an afternoon prayer group.

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