Where’s Barbara?

Guest Writer Vicki Vallee 

From Waldo's Facebook
From Waldo’s Facebook

Have you ever seen the picture books “Where’s Waldo?” Waldo is a character in a red and white stripped shirt with a toque. The object is to find this one person in a very busy photograph like the one on the right. It can be a bit of a challenge.

Sometimes locating Barbara can be a challenge as well. First step to narrow the search is by figuring out what country she is in. Barbara could be ministering in the Dominican Republic, Mexico or Canada.


Even if we narrow the search down to Canada there are still many options. Barbara has been “spotted” in Clarenceville, Quebec at the Mountain View Free Methodist Church. She has also sighted at the Sault Ste. Marie Free Methodist Church and the King Street Baptist Church in Burford.

In Southwestern Ontario, Barbara has been found in churches in Tillsonburg, Wilkesport, Wallaceburg, Sombra Township and even Sarnia.

Barbara can be found at church services in English and Spanish. She can be found leading a Bible study and attending staff meetings. Barbara can also be found at home in front of the computer. She is taking two correspondence courses from Tyndale College over the internet and writing a weekly blog.

To keep track of Barbara follow this blog or at the Facebook page Gone Mission https://www.facebook.com/Gonemission.

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