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Guest writer Vicki Vallee 

Happy Birthday Barbara
Happy Birthday Barbara

How does a missionary celebrate their birthday?

If you are my mom, Barb Peterson, you prefer something small and simple. Mom would rather focus on others than do something for herself.

This year, Barb’s birthday party was a surprise. Upon arriving at the usual Spanish speaking Bible study this past Wednesday night, Mom was instead surprised with a party in her honour. There were veggie trays, enchiladas, and a sugar-free coffee cake. One of the nicest gifts  was a Bible verse that one of members had selected in her honour.

Birthday Cake 2013
Birthday Cake 2013

In 2013, it was a special birthday for Mom. She was turning 70. My father, husband and I wanted to do something memorable. After some thought my dad, Lloyd Peterson, suggested that we have a surprise birthday for Mom in the Dominican Republic.  It is hard to get anything past Mom. So Dad told Mom that there would be an event for my husband and I to meet those Mom and Dad have been working with and ministering to for the past 25 years.

Mom was surprised and that is an accomplishment in itself. It was overwhelming even for those of us B04 crowdwho had suggested the idea. It was a huge event. There was a special dinner and a fancy cake. MANY people came to show their love of Mom and the missionary work that Mom and Dad do in the Dominican Republic.

There are many ways that people can become involved in the work in the Dominican Republic. Support can be given by donating supplies, sponsoring children, and prayer. Contact Barb and Lloyd for more information at lpeterso@ebtech.net.

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