Hola Dominican Style

Hola Domincan Style

What do I get ready to go on a Mission team?

Christian Greeting
Christian Greeting

A minimum of five preparation meetings will go a long way to being prepared.  One of the first things you do after clearing customs is meet the pastor. But what do I say as I shake his hand?   Dios le bendiga, pastor (God bless you, pastor).  Then there is the expectation that you introduce yourself.  Mi nombre es Debbie. (My name is Debbie.) When the pastor says there will be a church service tonight, you are ready because you have been practising Spanish language songs for three or four months.  Someone says We’ll sing as a group and I have a special song ready. I want to sing Abre Mis Ojos (Open the Eyes of my Heart) and maybe a couple of the other half dozen songs we have learned.  I spent a lot of time listening to the CD with  the songs on it.

During our meetings we have prepared to share a testimony.  We learned about meal times and foods that are different.  I wonder when we get to try the fried cheese.  My flashlight is right near the top of my suitcase so I can be ready when the hydro goes out.  I can’t wait to show some one the photo album I prepared to show my family and friends to the new friend I’ll make.  It will be so easy to explain my family and my job with all those nicely printed out Spanish descriptions that go with each picture.

Barb Deb 3smallI know there will be surprises but we will have fun. The kids crafts are ready, counted out, papers cut, crayons ready.

One more question. Can i use my camera in the church? I want to remember everything. I am glad the team leader said to start a journal about all the things we do and places we go.

Adios por ahora. Bye for now.

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