Shoe Box Joy

Mexican Children and Shoe Boxes

Ever wonder what happens to the shoeboxes you pack and send to Children at Christmas.

One church In Nanacamilpa, Mexico plans a fiesta niños, (Children’s party) for the children from the church and an equalballoon game number of children from the community. They come to a decorated hall for a special event. Several games are organized, like tossing a ball, a relay or circle game as children rotate through the activities.  It’s noisy, fun and full of energy; some children sing or do a small drama. Booklets are given to each child about the greatest story of all – the story of Jesus.

 Elias overhead for adults While the children play games, then watch a balloon story from Tio Lloyd and listen to some teaching about Christmas, their parents met with Pastor Elias and visiting Pastora Barbara for some teaching about what the birth of Jesus and his death can mean for them and their children. On the screen behind pastor Elias as he speaks is the Spanish verse for John 3:16. Parents are encouraged to understand that the best gift they can give their children is the gift of a parent who believes in Jesus.

sending gifts to kidsBack in the room where the children lines have formed of girls in each of three age groups and boys in the same three age groups.  The first child in the row takes a box and passes it back to the end of the line until everyone has received a shoebox. Then there is a brief hush, while children sitting on the floor open boxes and followed by squeals of glee.

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