Relationships can be wonderful

Relationships Complex but Wonderful

Relationships can be complex and require work but they are also wonderful.Connie baby

Several women from Sault Ste Marie decided several years ago to support a female pastor with needs in the Dominican Republic and began to send a monthly amount to Pastora Luca. Luca is the pastor of two small congregations in Las Canas, a rural area of the Dominican in the northwest. The area is dependent on agriculture and when there is very little rain, there is not much income to support a pastor and church.

After some time of exchanging letters, the Sault church decided to send a mission team to Luca’s area. This work team spend time beginning a Sunday School area and kitchen on church property next to the church. Connie, team leader, talks a lot about partnership, and working together to accomplish things in Las Canas.  During a five year period, the team has been involved in schools, done medical clinics, taught crafts and made lots of friends. They built relationships which last. You could hug a child like the one Connie has on her lap.

When they began talking about another trip in 2015, my husband Lloyd and I droveanas boy med team to the Sault church spent a couple of days there and met with the team to answer questions and talk about culture, organization more relationship building.  Key to the relationship is that both sides work together and everyone is blessed.  When the team of nurses went, three Dominican churches arranged for a clinic in local schools and found a local  doctor to assist and  Pastor Victor provided his large trunk to bring the clinic to the most remote of the sites.

Getting supplies donated and into the Dominican and to the three clinics was complex. But the results were wonderful – 450 people received medication or treatment.

If you or your church would like to meet a church family and build a relationship with them, Lloyd and I would be delighted to help you and come to your church if you are in Ontario, answer your questions, help with arrangements etc.

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